MOWA Choctaw
Housing Authority

The MOWA Choctaw Housing Authority has begin administering a new program from the American Rescue Plan Grant. The prescription medication program will award Elderly, Disabled, & Veteran Tribal members with low income a $300 co-pay credit towards their prescription medication. This credit will roll over until the full amount is used and may be redeemed at McIntosh Drug, Mt. Vernon Pharmacy, or Citronelle Pharmacy. Please call June 27 – July 11 2022 to schedule an appointment with Dustin, Morgan, or Austin. Appointments will begin July 12, 2022. Mobile County residents will be seen at the Tribal Office while Washington County residents will be seen at the Community Center on Topton Road. Must have a Valid I.D., Tribal Card, Social Security Card, and Proof of Income. Please have the required documents upon arrival or we can not process your application. If you have any questions please call the Tribal Office at (251) 829-5000

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